The Soul Code

The Soul Code – 33 Days is a channelled book.
For 33 days’ questions are asked and answered.
Information is revealed that helps make sense of
our lives as well as the lives of those around us.
The questions are the ones we are all asking.
The answers resonate and bring clarity.
The message is clear and uplifting, it supports
who we are and what we are doing.
In this present moment.

A great book, concise, inspirational, a bridge between Post Structuralist
Psychology and New Age ideas that offers insights into everyone’s life.
Douglas McNulty – a New Age sceptic.
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A stunning book. Beautifully authentic.
Sheryn Sutherland
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Brilliant, the truth simply and succinctly, in language, anyone can follow.
Ali Cassels
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The Soul Code/33 Days is concise, elegant feminine, and instantly stimulates the heart. I heartily recommend this book, it certainly
helped me lift my vibration.
Kim Kirkman
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